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  1. In case any passenger fail to report at the boarding point before departure, the ticket fare will remain non-refundable.
  2. Passenger must report to boarding counter before 15 minutes of departure.
  3. In case of change or cancel the ticket the passenger must report to concerned booking counter with ticket before 12 hours of departure. (11:30pm to 7:00am will not consider) Otherwise transport authority will not refund the fare. For more information please contact with call center.
  4. Processing cost non-refundable in case of cancel the ticket.
  5. In case of emergency circumstances the authority reserves the right to change the schedule/seat without assigning any cause.
  6. Passengers will take care of their hand luggage in own responsibility. London Express Limited will not be liable for the same. To keep the luggage in box Passenger must collect luggage tag.
  7. Any illegal goods are strictly prohibited and the passenger will be responsible for carrying the same.
  8. Additional Charge will be applicable for carrying excess weight of 15 kgs.

How to buy Ticket on Apps:

Thanking you for download our APPS from LONDON EXPRESS BANGLADESH LTD from google play and IOS apps store. Enter on your apps and go care fully. You will get 8 minute for complete the ticket purchase process. Please don’t hesitate to contact our call center for any query.